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“However, I want to highlight the performance of one of the lesser known actresses, Noelle Franco, who played the whimsical and naïve Cecile Volanges. Make no mistake, Ms. Franco is an accomplished actress in her own right. But I’m always amazed when I see a young actor/actress hold their own on stage next to veteran performers. Now don’t get me wrong, she didn’t steal any scenes from Ms. Douglas or Mr. Harris, but she also wasn’t buried or carried by them. The role of Cecile demands both humor and poise, and Ms. Franco took advantage of the opportunities within the character to display her abilities. She’s a rising star and I look forward to more from her.”

-From Art and Review Quarterly, by The Baltimore Editor

“Noelle Franco is Cecile, fresh from the convent, ripe for the taking by Valmont. She nails her part.”

-Broadway World, Charles Shubow

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